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50                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

to remonstrate with the King and to petition for
a speedy convocation of the (tats generaux. The
Archbishop of Narbonne opposed it*

24th. It is now said that matters will be
compromised between the King and the Parlia-

The Dauphin lies dangerously ill with two
issues in his back, made to bring down his hump.
The maxim seems to be that it is better he should
die than the nation be governed by " Louis le

2$th. The Abb£ Arthur Dillon's affair with
Madame de Gouvernet is the talk of the day.
She is the daughter of Count Arthur Dillon. Her
husband came to the Abb6 with threats to insist
upon his giving up her letters, which Arthur re-
fused (people say because he had them not). Her
friends, a strong party, the Poixe, Beauveaus, &c.,
say that in her childhood she had written him
many foolish love-letters, and that in consequence
he used to tease her about them so much that
she insisted upon his giving them up. Not suc-
ceeding in this point, she applied to the Arch-
bishop of Narbonne, but to no purpose as Abb6
Dillon was supported by Madame Routh (the
Archbishop's favourite lady), to whom he has been
often useful and agreeable ; and then Gouvernet